Avoid the post-Christmas sale blues.

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Avoid the post-Christmas sale blues.


With the 2021 Holiday season ending, it is time for your business to begin preparing a post-holiday marketing strategy, as most people remain in the holiday spirit, even after the holidays are over.


After the Christmas season, your business may experience slower customer traffic, see an increase in returns, and a dip in sales, as people are spending time with family, traveling, and making memories. By implementing a post-holiday marketing strategy, you can keep your business booming well after the Christmas season.


Combat slow customer traffic.  

Holiday sales begin picking up after Thanksgiving and drop off after Christmas, but what about post-holiday sales? If your small business is experiencing slower customer traffic, remember that you’re not alone. Focus on your digital marketing to make any after-Christmas sales stand out and promote discounts, clearance events, and end-of-season sales to get your customer’s attention. Utilize email marketing campaigns and social media posts promoting your after-Christmas specials to gain traction to your business after a busy Holiday season.

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Prepare for product returns. 

Holiday returns make up eight percent of Holiday sales, and your business should prepare for an onslaught of product returns and work toward using returns to grow your customer list. Just because someone received your product as a gift does not mean they know about your business. Educate those customers who are processing returns on what your business is about, and work toward converting a return into a new sale; but also, promote discounts or upsell your products by encouraging product exchanges over returns. Ensure your return policy is seamless and easy, not only for your customers but your employees too, and be sure to record your returns to keep your books up-to-date and accurate. 

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Offer discounts to avoid a dip in sales. 

Once the Holidays are over, you want to entice customers to return to your business with post-Christmas specials to help get rid of some of your seasonal inventory. Bring more traffic to your business after the holidays with unbeatable post-Christmas discounts. Be mindful that most after Christmas sales begin before, or on, the actual holiday and are necessary to help clear your shelves and inventory to make room for other seasonal items that come up in the new year. Post-holiday is the time to remind people that they should get something for themselves and that buying the gadget, product, or service they have been after for a long time is not wrong; so, why not offer it at some discount for them to make the sale work for both you and the customer? 

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Most people are in good spirits after giving gifts to family members, and happy people make good customers. 


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