Produce a Podcast with Belden Communications, LLC






imageAttract leads *

Become an authority in your field *

Grow an audience of prospects *

Build influence *

Gain instant credibility *

Build up a valuable library of content *

Promote your products and services *

Establish expertise and build trust with your audience *

Develop strong relationships with prospects and clients *

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Be available “on-demand.” *

Repurpose your show content

into other mediums. *

imagePodcasts reach new audiences. *

People can listen to your podcast while multitasking which you cannot do when watching a video. *

A podcast is some of the best content that people can easily share. *

Leverage relationships with your referral and strategic alliance partners by having them on your show. *

Connect with industry experts. *

Well-connected people will take your call when they realize you want to interview them about something you are both passionate about. *

Create an ongoing buzz online. *

Your show will consistently generate lots of content. *

People who listen to podcasts tend to have a lot of passion for podcasts, show great loyalty to the shows they like, and are likely to be raving fans. *

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Attract more publicity *

Land higher profile speaking

imageengagements *

People can listen to your show

through their car speakers *

Listening to podcasts is simply

a click away *

You can generate positive cash flow from your show from ads

and sponsorships *

Use your show for bartering leverage *

People are more likely to want to do business with you knowing

that you host your own show *

A successful show can lead to unexpected streams

of revenue *

And it’s more fun than you can imagine! *