Running a successful Social Media Campaign

Mon, Jul 12, 2021 at 9:55AM



Running a successful Social Media Campaign

Social media can be a great tool to help a business, but the key is planning and strategizing a well-made ad campaign. The top goal for any business’s social media ad campaign is to increase brand awareness, which is why more brands are starting to use a paid social presence.


The first step in any good campaign is setting social media goals. You need to ask yourself: why am I running this campaign? According to a recent survey, marketers who set goals were 376 percent more likely to report success.


The second step is to identify your target audience. Your content could be great, but not gearing it toward a specific audience makes it mean nothing. Research the type of content you will use to reach your target audience before creating the content.


The third step is choosing which social media platforms to use. Once you have found your audience, you should know which platform they frequent the most. Go where your audience is for a more effective reach. 


The fourth step is scheduling content. Timing is significant with advertising and marketing. Setting a schedule can keep content in order and have it ready instead of fumbling at the last second.


The fifth step is to research tools to help boost productivity. Agorapulse, Curata, and Animoto are just a few of the various tools that help your business in separate ways.


The sixth step is observing the competition. There are always going to be competitors, so it is best to compare your business to theirs. What channels do they use? What type of content are they making? How do your results differ? Competitors can be a reliable source of inspiration.


The last step is tracking performance. Tools like Facebook Insights can help track the results of your social media push and gives valuable feedback on Facebook performance. As you follow those results, you can make changes and improve when needed.


Businesses must keep a creative outlook on their social marketing strategies. Social media goals differ depending on the company or industry. Define those goals early to keep your social media campaigns on track. 


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