Sales Internship

Company Description


We are a privately owned strategic marketing solutions company offering an excellent opportunity to gain firsthand marketing experience, focusing on digital marketing, tourism, and local advertising sales.


Job Description


We are seeking a Sales Intern who is currently in college or recently graduated and is seeking sales experience to add to their resume.


The applicant would have to find prospective business clients by successfully learning the sales process. Training will be provided, according to the Belden Communications, LLC business practices.


The applicant will be working closely with the Vice President of Belden Communications, LLC, helping with day-to-day tasks and attending appointments.


The applicant will learn how to:

-        Find prospects by using several strategic sources according to the Belden Communications sales process.

-        How to build mailers filled with the proper documents to send the prospect (Approach Letter, Sales Flyers, Business Cards, etc.)

-        How to call on the prospects that we have recently mailed and schedule an appointment.

-        Learn the sales process from Belden Communications, LLC Vice-President by attending sales calls and meetings.

-        Learn the process for appointment follow-ups and for after a sale is closed.





-        Filing paperwork

-        Completing tasks

-        Finding prospective sales clients

-        Coordinate with the Belden Communications, LLC Marketing Department ensuring that new clients receive proper services based on their needs.




Belden Communications LLC will cover all expenses that the applicant would incur when prospecting, such as, but not limited to:


-        A printer if the applicant does not have one. Upon completion of the internship, the printer will need to be returned, as it would be considered property of Belden Communications, LLC.

-        All printer paper (Letter and Brochure) and ink for the printer. Printer, paper, and ink are to be used only for company purposes.

-        The supply of envelopes and postage for the approach letters to be mailed.




The sales intern will agree that this is an unpaid internship to garner working experience, with the possibility of a bonus from any sale scheduled by the intern.


Any new clients obtained as a direct result of the interns prospecting, resulting in a minimum of a 90-day agreement per company policy Belden Communications, LLC would pay a one-time $150 bonus to the sales intern. Any bonus payments owed will be made after the first payment from the new client is received.


End of agreement


At the end of the 90-day internship period, based on a positive review and successful implementation of the sales process learned throughout the internship, Belden Communications, LLC may consider offering a sales position within the company. Compensation would be a direct reflection of the applicant's performance during the 90-day internship.