Google Analytics for Beginners.

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Google Analytics for Beginners.


As a business owner, have you ever asked yourself, how many people visit my website? Or what marketing tactics drive the most traffic to my website? If you have, it is safe to say that your business may lack a proper analytical tool to track your website traffic and marketing campaign performance.


Understanding traffic patterns, visitor behaviors, and other valuable information to your website can seem overwhelming. Yet, it is beneficial to know what works and what does not work for your marketing strategy.


Google Analytics, which launched in 2005, is an analytical tool that highlights the overall performance of a website. By analyzing all the data collected through Google Analytics, you can make a well-rounded marketing strategy specific to your business.


When you use Google Analytics, you must have the proper understanding of the data reported, but you must also know the difference in the type of reports Google Analytics offers. 


Audience Overview Reports

Google Analytics takes information collected from a website to generate a report full of data and metrics on its visitors through the Audience Overview Reports. Audience Overview Reports capture the demographics, characteristics, and behaviors of visitors to your website. This information helps you make informed decisions relevant to your marketing strategy to reach your target audience.


Acquisition Reports

An Acquisition Report narrows down how and where your website traffic derives. These reports give metrics on if your traffic is organic, comes from paid ads through social media (boosted content), or other sources like Google Ads - using a pay-per-click model, where advertisers pay for each ad click that results in a call to your business, or a visit to your website. Understanding how your marketing strategy works for your business and the effectiveness of your marketing campaign is vital information needed to put your business on the path to success.


Behavior Reports

For an in-depth analysis of your business content, like which page catches the most attention or which keywords help consumers find your listing, then you should focus on the data found in the Behavior Reports. Behavior Reports are a fantastic way to gauge which content does or does not work for your audience, both on your website and through social media. Do you have a page with valuable information on your website that isn’t getting enough traffic? These reports will give you an inside look at what you might need to revamp on each website page. Analyzing the data in these reports is crucial in ensuring your marketing strategy is heading in the right direction.



The Conversions feature of Google Analytics outlines how to turn more leads, or potential consumers, into new customers and tracks the progression to your business’s goals. Conversions are imperative to driving more sales and increasing more traffic to your website.


Turning to Google Analytics to analyze pertinent information relevant to your business will directly affect your sales and profitability. If you are a business owner who has not started looking into a Google Analytics campaign, now is the time to start.


If the basics of Google Analytics seem a bit overwhelming and confusing, then contact Belden Communications, LLC, to see what we can do for your Google Analytics campaign management.





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