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Creating a brand is so much more than creating a logo.


Getting the most out of your brand recognition means understanding what a brand is. A brand is the essence of your business and will help set you apart from other competitors in your industry. 


Unlike brand awareness, which focuses on developing a deeper emotional connection with your audience, brand recognition is a simple concept that makes sure your target market can see, recognize, and remember your company.


It does not take a bottomless budget to build a recognizable brand!


Both your name and logo should tell a coherent story about your business, what you stand for, and its values. In your marketing materials, the use of specific fonts and colors are crucial elements for storytelling, along with which words and phrases you use. Your tone of voice is another element in communicating your story to your customers. Telling a story makes people pay attention and helps them remember your name by giving them a compelling backstory to link to the name!


Remember: Consistency is key to recognition.


Produce content that addresses your target audience's needs while showcasing your expertise. Showcase visual elements first, give your customers a glimmer of your content before the click. Understand your customer's wants and needs by creatively delivering an over-the-top experience for them. Visual governance and communication style will help build your identity for your business and transform you into a household name.


Remember: Be sure to stand out.


Little can surpass in-person experiences. Allow your customers to build relationships with each other and your business. Building a community of users that can contribute to shaping and advancing your products or services is key to brand recognition. Engage your Social Media followers with relevant contests, referrals, or giveaways. Host a gathering to encourage your customers to connect and exchange knowledge on topics that matter to them. 


Remember: Show some personality.


It is imperative that your business consistently hits the mark of your customer's needs and wants. Whether you specialize in online content, or incredible products, making your brand recognizable starts with you!



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