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Thu, Jul 01, 2021 at 10:48AM

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Branding goes beyond the visual elements and into how you directly interact with your audience. The ability to shape a brand that offers an emotional connection with customers is essential to gaining brand trust.


Fifty percent of consumers suggest that they consider becoming more loyal to a brand during their first purchase; this is the first promise your business makes to your customer, and it is your job to realize and deliver on these promises.


How do you establish brand trust?


Be accountable. 


Brand trust is a vital element to a company’s livelihood. Ensure your product pipeline aligns internally with what your senior leader says externally. When you change directions as a business, take the time to explain when and why with your customer base. With truthful messaging and clear goals, you can cushion the blow if your reputation takes a hit.


Be consistent.


 Your employees are your brand ambassadors, and they must express consistency in their internal and external communications of your brand. Uniformity throughout the entirety of your customer experience with your business is beneficial. Whether it is content, customer service, tone of voice, or even media interviews, any manner of interaction your customer experiences should exude your brand message clearly and concisely.


Be engaging. 


Educate your audience on broader issues, relating what you are selling to your customer and their day-to-day lives, and deliver targeted messages that further build relationships. Being accessible across multiple channels shows your customers that you have open lines of communication for their needs. By understanding keys segments and supplying engaging content, your business will begin to build intentional relationships accordingly.


Building trust is easy if you focus on creating a clear sense of purpose, a well-defined road map, and a credible voice that people want to hear. Have your brand trust stand for who you are, what you believe in, and how you want to be perceived!




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