What is content marketing, and why is it important?

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What is content marketing, and why is it important?


Even before the creation of the internet, businesses have utilized strategic content marketing strategies to promote products and services to consumers. In recent years, the production and sharing of high-quality content evolved to be used more frequently in an online setting.


Content marketing is a strategic tool in marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a specific audience. The content is shared publicly through various channels, including social media, and should tell a story about your business and your products and services.


With 3.6 billion social media users globally, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Linked-in, will allow you to produce and share videos, pictures, and other creatives, building trust and credibility for your business.

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What makes content marketing so important?


Content marketing allows marketers to build an audience and attract their attention.

With the help of the internet, marketers can reach more people in more places than years ago. With a vaster reach, the possibilities of the type of content one can create are endless. Modern technologies and applications help gauge which content will catch your audience's attention, building up your customer base. Consistently producing high-quality content to engage your audience positively ties in trust to your brand and can persuade your audience to choose your products and services over a competitor.

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Content marketing helps increase web traffic and support lead conversions into potential sales. 

Conversion rates are six times higher with content marketing than with other digital marketing tactics due to the implementation of call-to-actions. A call-to-action is words or phrases used to guide potential customers to take specific actions relevant to your business. Call-to-action devices used in marketing can be placed anywhere in your content and give potential customers a clear path to your landing page.

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Content marketing improves brand recognition and reputation.

Producing content that engages and educates your audience on topics relevant to your industry builds brand trust and makes you a trusted source of information and education. Consistent, quality content will keep your business relevant to your audience, strengthening your relationships with your customers. Use your content to start meaningful conversations and talk to your audience; allow them to ask questions that revolve around their problems or interests.

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Content marketing builds organic awareness. 

Fifty-one percent of content consumption comes from consumers who reach your business through organic results. Organic results are search results uninfluenced by advertisements. Implementing proper SEO practices into your content creation will improve visibility for your business organically. Your online presence starts by producing optimized content with high-quality SEO skills.

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Content marketing is becoming one of the most effective methods to increase audience engagement, develop a brand presence, and drive sales to your business.


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